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Application Terms
  1. The details on this form are required by the landlord (for the landlord) for management and administration purposes. Failure to supply full correct details may result in non-acceptance of offer to rent or termination of tenancy. The applicant has the right of access to, and may request the correction of personal information on this while it is held by the landlord.
  2. I/we grant authority to the landlord of his/her agent under the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993 Principles 2(2) (b) 3 (4) (a) 10 (b) and 11 (d), to collect, disclose, use and to make enquiries into any information on this form and on any matter relating to any tenancy relevant to myself. I agree that this authority is irrevocable.
  3. I/we authorise Property Management @ Vosper Realty Ltd to make independent checks of information provided in this application including checks with the people I have named as referees and any other Credit Bureau or Tenant Default Database.
  4. I/we appoint Property Management @ Vosper Realty Ltd as my/our agent and on signing of an agreement to rent the above property agree to pay a fee of one week rent plus GST.
Part A
  1. To process your application you are requested to answer all questions to the best of your ability. Any false information provided could jeopardize your application.
  2. The completion of this annexure does not constitute an offer of acceptance.
  3. Any information provided in your application and this annexure may be passed onto a credit bureau and that the credit bureau may use the information to update it's databases and for providing information services to it's subscribers and other lawful purposes. Upon approval and acceptance of your application all monies must be paid in full.
Part B

  • 2. I/we, the applicant/s, hereby authorise you, as the agent to conduct inquiry with the Ministry of Justice for Tenancy Tribunal Orders, Centrix and any other searches which may verify the information provided by me/us. I do solemnly and sincerely declare that the above information is true and correct and has been willingly supplied to assist the assessment of my/our application.
  • 3. I/we, the applicant/s, undertake to pay all rents or other amounts that I/we may be liable for in full on or before the due date. In default of such payment, I/we are liable to pay all costs and expenses of Credit Collection fees, which you may incur in recovering from me/us any overdue account.
  • PRIVACY DISCLOSURE STATEMENT OF Property Management @ Vosper Realty Ltd:

    We are an independently owned and operated business. We are bound by the Privacy Act 1993. We collect personal information about you in this form to assess your application for a residential tenancy.

    We may need to collect information about you from your previous landlords or letting agents, your current employer, credit agencies and your referees. Your consent to us collecting this information is set out above. We may disclose personal information about you to the owner of the property to which this application relates. If this application is successful we may disclose your contact details to maintenance contractors and the landlord's insurers. We may also send personal information about you to the owners of any other properties at your request.

    You have the right to access personal information that we hold about you by contacting our office.

    If you do not complete this form or do not sign the consent below then your application for a residential tenancy may not be considered by the owner of the relevant property or, if considered, may be rejected.

    If this application is not successful this information will be disposed of immediately by secure document destruction or can be held upon your request in order to find another suitable rental property.

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